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[aboutbox icon=”paperclip” title=”BRANDING”]Our specialty is brand strategy and creative design, being our main priorities and focus points when starting a proyect.
[aboutbox icon=”camera-retro” title=”PHOTOGRAPHY”]We provide you with the visual means necessary for the presentation of your project.[/aboutbox]
[aboutbox icon=”terminal” title=”WEB DESIGN”]Our development of web pages ranges from simple blogs to electronic markets.[/aboutbox]
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Nosark aims to provide our customers with all the indispensable tools for their business, all in one place.” content2=”


We provide personal advice with our clients to capture the essence of the organization / project and thus maintain fidelity in our service.” content3=”


We aim to create a network of freelancer workers, where the client can choose the designer-programmer-photographer of their preference for each element of their project.” title=”A Day at the Office”]

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[servicebox icon=”brush” title=”CREATIVE DESIGN”]Every projects is treated with passion and creative freedom[/servicebox]
[servicebox icon=”phone” title=”RESPONSIVE DESIGN”]Our designs can adapt to any device[/servicebox]
[servicebox icon=”message” title=”EXCELLENT SUPPORT”]With support 24/7 during and after completion.[/servicebox]
[servicebox icon=”clock” title=”QUICK SUPPORT”]We oath to respect and finish projects settled by our clients[/servicebox]
[servicebox icon=”email” title=”CONTACT FORM”]Your input is important to us for the fidelity of your project[/servicebox]
[servicebox icon=”plane” title=”MADE WITH LOVE”]What are you waiting for? Contact us, is free :)[/servicebox]
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[memberItem src=”2089″ name=”FEDERICO” job=”PROGRAMMER”][/memberItem]
[memberItem src=”2092″ name=”JUAN” job=”DESIGN-PHOTOGRAPHY”][/memberItem]
[memberItem src=”2091″ name=”GONZALO” job=”DESIGN-ILLUSTRATIONS”][/memberItem]
[memberItem src=”2088″ name=”EMILIA” job=”PHOTOGRAPHY-ILLUSTRATIONS”][/memberItem]

[cinfo icon=”phone” title=”Call Us” desc=”+54911-59008561 Monday–Friday | 9am–7pm (GMT +1)“]
[cinfo icon=”map-marker” title=”Visit Us” desc=”Tte Gral Juan Domingo Peron 940 1st floor”]
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